Our fifteen finalists

We’ve totted up all the scores from the public and we now have our fifteen finalists, as revealed yesterday at the end of the Junior Final.

Our finalists, ordered by song number, are:

Song 11. Global Warming by 3.0L Capri AKA Phil Jones
Song 16. Westward Ho by The Peekies
Song 17. This is a Broadcast by Mr Marko’s Outer Space Emporium
Song 22. Perfect Liars by Katavia
Song 26. The Wake of Us by Leyman
Song 28. Love Stories Can’t Comfort Me Tonight by Susan Fenton
Song 30. Together by The People’s Revolutionary Orchestra of Stroud
Song 35. Jekyl and Hyde by Cat Mead
Song 36. Crashing Clowns by Lizi Rayner
Song 37. Pinprick by Dominic Gourd
Song 38. Feeling Your Way (In The Dark) by Chas de Whalley
Song 39. Woman Walk Tall by Ruby Debonnaire
Song 40. Candle in the Rain by Leon Gerrard
Song 41. I Wish That Were True by Humm
Song 42. Bliss by Brighid Nathanson

Well done to our finalists and thank you to all our brilliant entries!
And thanks to everyone who has voted so far.

You will be able to vote again here on this website during the grand final on YouTube at 7.30pm on Saturday 26th September 2020!

The voting will start again from zero to give all fifteen songs a chance of being our winner. So make sure you tune in and vote!