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Song 1

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“Hey is that Phil” -  “Yeh three litre capri” -  “Doctor Gonaz”…

Cats only Meow at humans
Cheese existed before written language
“It’s all true”
“Check it on the internet”

 Nuggets of information
 That’s why I’m here today
 Nuggets of information 
 For only one day
 Ohh Unbelievable nuggets!

Approximately forty thousand Americans are injured by toilets every year
Proxima Centauri is the closest star to the earth
Nope, It’s the Sun!
“It’s all true”
“Check it on the internet”


Cabbage walkers actually exist
People in Beijing take cabbages for walks on strings
A Dog swallowed sixty-four and a half socks in Oregon
Oh yes, the first bus to be powered by human excrement ran from Bristol to Bath
On the number two route!
Butterflies taste with their feet
“It’s all true”
“Check it on the internet”


Leonard Nimoy’s two Autobiography’s are called
I am not Spock, and I am Spock
Yes everybody!
The blob of toothpaste that sits on your toothbrush has a name
It’s called a nurdle
Yes, it is!
“It’s all true”
“Check it on the internet”


Friends and fans of Nuggets
“These Nuggets are Unbelievable!”

Copyright Dr Gonaz 2021

Song 2

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If I were a Blackbird, I’d sing clearly to you.
I’d watch through the glass as you started to rise.
I’d drop to the sill as you open your eyes.
And if a smile should meet me, a single word to greet me. I’d cry here.

If I were a Blackbird, I’d be always near you.
I’d follow you wherever you would go.
I’d watch from the leaves as you rested below.
And if the wind should take you, a cruel hand to break you. I’d cry here.

Copyright Andrew Doorbar 2021

Song 3

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Dawn is coming though the clouds are low.
My spirits have been lifting but I'm feeling so so.
The wind has fled but my cheeks are wet,
Remembering yesterday and what you didn't get.


So wait for the sun, don't tell me you're leaving
Don't play the card you might regret dealing.
Wait for the sun, there's nothing more cheering.
Just wait for the sun.

Blackcaps are singing, this is their home.
Foxes are excavating the dark garden loam.
They are staying, while you mean to go.
I'm entwined with you now so please let us grow.



When the sun rises and shines on our bed, 
Don't you feel happy, as if there's much more to be said?
Our story's not been written, don't leave yet.
Say our love isn't something you can easily forget.



Just wait for the sun
Wait for the sun
Just wait for the sun
Oh-oh just wait for the sun

Copyright Cindy Jefferies and Gavin Landless 2021