Four more songs

Gavin Pond

We’re very happy to welcome Gavin Pond back to Stroud Song Contest – who made his debut in 2020 with the reggae-punk ballad ‘The Snail Song’, and who last year brought us the unforgettable ‘Terrence the Tentacled Alien’. Gavin’s offering this year, Icy Icicles, though no less eccentric in its lyrics, has a much sadder tone. Gavin tells us, “My dad died last year and this is a song I wrote for him”. We’re really sorry for your loss, Gavin. But thank you for sharing your music with us again.


Following on from Gavin’s Icy Icicles, time to catch a chill (the relaxing kind) from Indie-Folk-Rock trio, Frostbiter. We met them first when Paul and Amber performed in 2022’s live grand final, where they did a wonderfully heartwarming rendition of the Dust Bunniez’ ‘Midnight Train’ and promised to come back again. This year’s song, It’s All About You, brings passionate vocals and 90s rock feels. Catch them at Nailsworth Folk Festival this year and headlining River Folk in July.


Our next entry, Further, is brought to us by Lo-Hi-Lo a “Stroud-based 3-piece channeling their love of noisy melodic indie, weird folk and fuzzy guitars into loud-quiet slivers of lo-fi music” (– Lo-Hi-Lo). Further, they tell us, is a song about the need for political change. We love the authentic and unrelenting drive and gritty bass sound of this song. Look out for Lo-Hi-Lo’s debut EP on streaming services now, and on CD/cassette release on July 25th 2024 (and if you’re lucky, you might be able to squeeze in to their EP launch that evening at Klangtone Records – this band is great live!).

Storming in today with a two-minute hoe down of a song is our most recent entrant, Floyd May. Floyd refers to himself as “a bedroom musician who likes to combine a lot of genres”. We don’t know much about Floyd but we certainly love his nifty guitar solos and unusual lyrics! Floyd’s song, Bike, was made in response to a challenge by Floyd’s dad and is also a homage to Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett. Have a listen and a boogie!