An exciting start!

moleville - March of the Invisible

This year’s song contest has got off to a storming start with Johnnie Ha Ha giving us our first entry. Following close behind was Steve Skinley aka moleville with March of the Invisible, a swirling melodic pop song with a moody 80s feel and ominous undertones in its lyrics. Steve lives in Stroud and wrote this song to accompany his first children’s book, The Otherlands, a magical fantasy set in the Cotswolds in the Summer of 1979.

Make it Right - Jake Shaw

Next in, was the amazing Jake Shaw, whose guitar-looping performance took the Crown & Sceptre by storm last year, coming second in our Grand Final. His contribution this year, Make It Right, is another beautifully-crafted track, with wistful lyrics and an instantly catchy hook with sunshine South African vibes. We predict it’ll have you dancing around your living room like it did us.

You can listen to both songs now on our 2024 entries page. And if you’re tempted to join in the contest yourself, we’d love you to send us your song!