Congratulations to our winners!

Huge congratulations to the winners of Stroud Song Contest 2023, Tortellini! What a lovely bunch and what a great song! We wish them loads of success in the future ❤️

What a contest!

Thanks to all the finalists who played so brilliantly last night:

3.0L Capri
Mr Marko’s Outer Space Emporium feat. Anne Garcin
The Many Coated
Don’t Eat Crystal
Careful, Spider
Jake Shaw

Thank you to our amazing and unshakeable sound man/stage manager Steve Wilce and to our host and sponsor The Crown & Sceptre.

Thank you to the brilliant Ali for opening the show with his song ‘Proud of Stroud’ and thank you to our wonderful host Robin Layfield.

A huge thank you to our judges, and our blog writers Chas de Whalley and Aunty Ash, for all their hard work.

Thank you to all the entrants for their brilliant songs, the voters, the audience and everyone who made the contest the biggest year yet.

And once again, well done to our champions, Tortellini!!!