Announcing the finalists!

Well, this is it folks. The public vote closed last night and the scores are all in from our judges. We’ve crunched the numbers, allocating 50% to the public and 50% to the judges.

Here are the final results from the public vote for the adult songs (Junior results announced separately in the Junior Final on YouTube).

Public Vote Results:

And here are the totalled results from our judges

Final Judges’ Scores:

… which, when brought together, gives us our 12 finalists …

… and here they are …

Stroud Song Contest Finalists 2023

Zone Out – Layman
Jacket – Don’t Eat Crystal
Golden Hour – Tortellini
Take The Boat In Style – Dave Pilla
Save Me – Bro
Without You – FRANC
When the Sun Goes Down – Jake Shaw
This is Love – Titus
Round and Round – The Many Coated
Steal Your Heart Away – Rainmusic
Waves Keep Falling – Careful Spider
Cosmic Eye – Mr. Marko’s Outer Space Emporium

Runners up:

We also have five runners up, who we might be asking to join the final, on 2nd September at The Crown & Sceptre, in the event that any of the above 12 are unable to be there …

Dance Alone – Humm
Hank Scenario – 3.0L Capri
Jack the Legger – Water Weavers
The Word – Coleman Corrie
Headonastick – Dog of Man


Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest this year. We know for a fact that every song, whether it made the final or not, was heard and LOVED by someone.
Your songs made this summer a little brighter.

We would also like to thank everyone who took the time to vote in the public poll and, of course, give a huge thank you to our excellent judges who gave their care and attention to every song, helping us ensure fair results.