Congratulations Portobello!

Stroud Song Contest 2022 reached its conclusion on Saturday evening with teen band Portobello claiming the coveted trophy. Congratulations Portobello, you were fantastic! The crowd loved them, the judges loved them, and we think a bright future awaits them.

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Stroud Song Contest Winners Portobello are: Pebble –  rhythm guitar, vocals, bass; Martha – rhythm guitar, vocals, bass; Marley – drums; Oscar – lead guitar; Lia – backing vocals

Also competing for the trophy were 11 other brilliant finalists including Lisa Fitzgibbon (2nd place), Kinda Familia (3rd place), Mr. Marko’s Outer Space Emporium (4th place), plus the treat of a surprise performance of new material by 2019 Stroud Song Contest winner, Arty Jackson. Thanks to everyone all for a wonderful night of music

Thank you to everyone who took part this year – the 42 acts who entered their songs, the hundreds of people who voted online, the esteemed judges who gave their scores, the Crown & Sceptre for hosting the final and the 250-strong crowd who attended on the night. You all rock!

Stroud rocks! ❤️