The finalists!

We’ve counted and checked all the votes, and we can now reveal the songs which have reached the grand final of Stroud Song Contest 2021!

Finalists 2021

Here are the 15 top ranking songs (in song order)

Song 02. Blackbird – Andrew Doorbar
Song 05. Hold Me – Bro
Song 09. The Valley Circus – Mr Marko’s Outer Space Emporium
Song 12. A Cold Wind Blows – The Peekies
Song 16. The Route of All Evil – Layman
Song 17. Rhythm of the Rain – Alice Boxall
Song 18. Blackthorn – Will Lawton
Song 22. Oubliette – Toadstone
Song 23. Astronauts – The Wayback Collective
Song 25. Nil – Darklight Horizon
Song 29. Rely on Me – The Many Coated
Song 42. The Man in the Attic – Luke Philbrick
Song 43. Tears – Kimibeatz, featuring Ronnie McGrath
Song 44. Small Things – Ben Brockett
Song 45. Tomorrow’s Here Today – Psykobilly
Song 47. Face for Radio – Cat Mead

Well done to all the finalists!

Thank you for following Stroud Song Contest. We’ve had over 4000 unique visitors to our website this summer, and we’re thrilled to have been able to share all 49 brilliant songs with you all. Please join us in congratulating all the artists who took part and continue to follow their music in future. 

We hope to see you at the grand final to watch the songs performed live, cheer on the finalists, and vote for the winner!

3rd September 2021, 7pm

Crown & Sceptre on Horns Road, Stroud.