Six more exciting entries


Gavin Pond - Terrence the Talented Alien

Step into the weird aquatic world of Terrence the Tentacled Alien who, despite his cosmic charms and all-seeing eyes, has a sad story to tell. This mysterious tune is no less strange and compelling than we’d expect from the unforgettable Gavin Pond, who regaled us in 2020 with another of his quirky creations, The Snail Song. Thanks Gavin, er … Terrence!

Don't Eat Crystal - Jacket

The masterfully-named Don’t Eat Crystal were next to submit – and what a nice surprise to find in our inbox. Jacket is a catchy, polished song with an uplifting jangly guitar riff and lyrics of yearning and grief, perfectly delivered! This one is tight!

Lizi Rayner

Next, we’re so pleased to welcome back Lizi Rayner who made the final back in 2020 with her song, Crashing Clowns. This year’s entry Shadow is another perfect vehicle for Lizi’s stripped-back guitar and beguiling voice. Lizi is clearly a great songwriter and this phone-recorded song carries itself without fancy arrangements or bells-and-whistles production. Listening to Shadow is like a close friend sharing secrets with you.

Water Weavers

Venture into the pages of history with The Water Weavers and their shanty-like tale, Jack the Legger, a tribute to the ‘leggers’ who used walk the canal barges through Sapperton tunnel on the Thames & Severn Canal. Let this song carry you back in time and also remind you how easily we travel nowadays, next time you’re heading into the five valleys by road!

Coleman Corrie

The spiritual feel of Coleman Corrie’s song, The Word belies bitter feelings of resentment about ‘religious indoctrination’. I’m hearing a mood of disappointment with hints of remnant hope. If thoughtful lyrics and perfectly-delivered vocals and fingerstyle guitar are your sort of thing, don’t miss Coleman Corrie’s new EP, coming in September.  


Seemingly out of nowhere, Tortellini suddenly appear. These college kids have captivated us with their song Golden Hour. This vibrant indie-rock song sounds like an instant hit, and reminds us of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians! We’re really impressed to hear such a distinctive and emotional sound from these youngsters and we can’t wait to hear more.