Meet the musicians so far

first 10 entries

We’re very excited to introduce to you the first ten acts taking part in this year’s contest. Listen to the songs below and see if you can work out:

  • Which songwriter is currently living and performing in New York?
  • Which songwriter is also a well-known children’s author and illustrator?
  • Which singer has an album out now called ‘Everything You Are’?
  • Which song was recorded acapella on a phone?
  • Which song is about the things people don’t say?
  • Who’s song is about Stroud?
  • How do butterflies taste?
  • Which guitar virtuoso hails originally from Stoke?
  • Which talented singer and rapper came to Stroud from South Africa?
  • Who wrote a bestselling novel on eco living?

Find the answers and more on the Entries 2021 page!