Blog post from Mr. & Mrs. Spangle

Mr & Mrs Spangle

Anarchic old couple, Mr. & Mrs. Spangle, who somehow snuck into the Junior Song Contest last year despite being 168 years old at the time, are so excited about this year’s Stroud Song Contest that they have kindly sent us a blog entry about the songs so far. Or at least that was the brief – but they seem to have gone a bit off topic …

Good day fellow tech people, we are delighted to hear all of this song contest malarkey is happening again. we hoped you liked our song last year (potato salad by mr and mrs spangle) whom is us typing on this digital leg-top thingy. See? Just because we are now 169 years old doesn’t mean we don’t know our tech!!

wait what’s that over there? Oi! Mr Spangle! Why are your dirty pants on my pillow again?!!!

oh no did i type that? delete! delete!

anyway, we are both so delighted to hear these hmmmm what is that word that young people (like us) use these days? oh yes, totally sick!!

no i didn’t!! 

Yes you did!! I saw you last night at 2 in the morning sneaking around in your pathetic little ninja costume!!

Delete! delete!

We have listened to all of your totally sick entries and by far the best one is

hey! don’t talk about my ninja costume like that!! It may be pathetic and small but that doesn’t mean it’s a pathetic little ninja costume!!

delete delete!

anyway we think the best one is 

Apologize to my ninja costume now!!


delete delete!!

what was i saying? oh never mind it doesn’t matter

what a spectacular event it looked like last year on YouCylinder. We would have made it last year but a silly little man called Mr Spangle… well… its a long story- and an embarrassing one at that. Cross your fingers it won’t happen again this year. Even though it is very likely to happen again.

Oh yes, I have forgotten to give you theYouCylinder link for last year’s competition. Here it is!

I hope it is the right link

Why won’t you apologise to my ninja costume Mrs Spangle?!

Because it is a pathetic little ninja costume Mr Spangle!!!

Hey!, I already explained why my pathetic little ninja costume isn’t what it seems!

Well why don’t you go to the zoo so people can look at your hair and say how stupid it is!!

Actually they will be saying how gorgeous it is because I use Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo from Germany. Engineered with a special caffeine formula. Use Daily and leave on for Two Minutes. Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo. Fight for your hair.

Whatever Mr Spangle…

Delete delete!

 Oh Wait I think that was the Wrong Link. Here is the YouCylinder link again just in case the other one didn’t work

We hope you have a good time at the song contest this year and I hope Mr Spangle doesn’t ‘accidently’ break into buckingham palace again in his bikini and really offend the king

Oi ! You told me you wouldn’t tell them that!!

 oops, delete delete!!

Good bye from Mr and Mrs Spangle and we hope to see you at the song contest this year although we probably won’t because of Mr Spangle’s guilty pleasure that is a crime. He never could get the hang of September.

Anyway Goodbye